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We are here to help you with our range of solutions to help you design and build your website. Based on your requirements we can provide a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription, or a one time fixed price.


Can you update my website?

Yes, we can, however, if your website is built on outdated or old technologies we will recommend a rebuild.

Can you change my website’s code?

Yes, as long as your website is built using one of these technologies; WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AMP, jQuery.

How long does a project or website change take?

Usually, it depends on the size of the project or on our availability. If the job is relatively small and you are an existing customer, it might only take a few hours or business days, however, if the project is a large custom job or our availability is limited, it might take weeks or months or a lot longer. We will provide you with a timescale every time when we send you a quote.

Can you change Bootstrap websites?

Yes, if your website is built on Bootstrap we will be able to update or change your existing website. We will only build Bootstrap sites if your budget is limited or you decided to use a specific template or design.

Do you only work on websites hosted by you?

No, but we will need full access to backups and control panels in order to carry out any work.

How much do you charge per hour?

Our hourly fee is £75/hour.

Can you manage my website for me?

Yes, but it will require a reoccurring charge depending on the amount of time being used by our specialists.

Can you build AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ready sites?

Yes, and this is one of our focus areas, a valid AMP page is much smaller than the average web page, it also uses Google’s cache, therefore it can reduce the size of the data transferred which means less electricity is being used.

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